Designed specifically to bridge the gap between the office and mobile environments, Envirohub provides a wealth of management information via a combination of online management and reporting tools and mobile data capture.

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Envirohub Web, the online component, uses graphs, tables, maps and gauges to show current and historical performance metrics and is accessed from any PC with an internet connection.

Envirohub’s readily available performance information and auditing informs your decision making processes and demonstrates progress against targets.

The data collected through Envirohub accurately reveals how services are being delivered and highlights areas which require attention. This allows you to focus on those locations which need extra time or resource to main the required results.

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Envirohub Mobile, the smartphone component, uses a combination of remote data synchronisation, data entry forms, camera and GPS to record the details of inspections.

Envirohub’s practical system for the collection of point of origin data provides comprehensive and robust service intelligence.

Pushing tasks to field based staff without the need for them to attend an office or depot reduces down time. Optimising your resources maximises your productivity and efficiency and provides the best possible value for money to the public.

Every Envirohub module has a set of common Key Features.

Our research shows that after adopting Envirohub, on a monthly basis a typical client will complete and report on;
  • 2400 recycling inspections and;
  • 4800 street cleansing inspections.

Envirohub has a modular architecture, current performance monitoring modules are:

  • NI 195 - based on the acclaimed National Indicator 195, the Envirohub NI 195 inspection module can be used effectively as both a tool for the submittal to DEFRA and for the routine monitoring of street cleanliness in your local area.
  • Performance Monitoring System (PMS) - is designed to assist organisation in monitoring waste management related services.

More modules are being developed and include:

  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Street Furniture
  • Enforcement (Graffiti, Fly Tipping, Abandoned Vehicles, Fly Posting)
  • Play Areas
  • Public Conveniences
  • Cemeteries/Burials
  • Recycling Sites
  • Car Parks

Our modular architecture means organisations need only pick and choose those modules that are best suited to help them improve local service provision.

More information on how Envirohub can help your organisation in these areas can be found in the Business Case.

Click here to view the Envirohub PMS example business case. 

Click here to download product description leaflets about Envirohub, NI 195 and PMS Modules. 

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